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The Negril Area Environmental Protection Trust (NEPT) was founded in 1994 as an umbrella organization representing the environmental and sustainable development concerns of the wider Negril area. The concept of NEPT originated from the third annual workshop of the Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society (NCRPS) held in December of 1993. The NCRPS identified the need for whole watershed protection, and for a local, environmental management council to be responsible for coordinating and implementing this activity. NEPT was therefore formed with two immediate responsibilities – to lobby for the protection of the Negril and Green Island watersheds as an Environmental Protection Area under the NRCA Act, and to prepare an Environmental Protection Plan to guide protection of the area from the forest ridges of the Negril and Fish River Hills, through the Negril Great Morass to the coral reefs under the sea. NEPT is a registered company (since 1995) operating as a non-profit organization and has charity status under Jamaican law.

The Environmental Protection Plan was prepared in 1995 and updated in 1997, with financial and technical assistance from USAID/GOJ (NRCA) for the Development of Environmental Management Organizations (DEMO) project . This plan was later revised with financial assistance from the Department for International Development (DFID), U.K and the World Bank Small Grant Fund.

In 1997 and 1998 the Negril EPA and the Negril Marine Park respectively were gazetted. Even though a formal delegation of the position of management authority was not given, the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NCRA/NEPA) recognized NEPT as the manager of the Negril EPA and the NCRPS as the manager of the Negril Marine Park. Guided by a memorandum of understanding the two organizations work together with NEPT to function as the lead organization and retaining staff with responsibilities relevant to both protected areas.


As a local umbrella organization the following community based organizations, non-government organizations and government agencies are represented on NEPT’s Board of Directors:

  • Forestry Departement
  • Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)
  • Jamacia Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA)
  • Little Bay Citizen's Association
  • Mount Airy Citizen's Association
  • National Water Commission (NWC)
  • National Resources Conservation Authority(NRCA\NEPA)
  • Negril Area Schools
  • Negril Chamber of Commerce (NCC)
  • Negril Coral Reef Preservation Society (NCRPS)
  • Negril Craft Venders Association
  • Negril Fishing Co-operative Society
  • Negril Green Island Area Local Planning Authority (NGIALPA)
  • Negril Water Sport Association
  • Retreat Community United Group In Action
  • Rock Spring Community Club
  • Rotary Club of Sav-la-mar
  • Sheffield Citizens Association
  • Springfield Community Association
  • Urban Development Corporation (UDC)
  • Westland Mountain Citizens Association
  • Westmoreland Health Department





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