This is a small project that is funded by The Nature Conservancy to address three top threats affecting the Orange Bay Special Fishery Conservation Area The campaign will be dubbed You Need Us #LetUsGrow.  The activities will be completed over a three month period from the time of approval of the grant. The focus of the campaign is to bring awareness about the threats identified   in particular the catching, sale and purchasing of juvenile fish (parrot fish) and to foster behaviour change that reduce the demand for small sized or juvenile fish thus decreasing the catch efforts for those sizes. The target audience will be fisher folks, fish scalers (men and women who scale fish), fish buyers in particular women, and businesses and households which are along the bay area of the Orange Bay Special Fishery Conservation Area.  It is expected that the fisher folks will also see the benefits selling large sized fish in terms of returns and the customers will be expected to recognize the value of demanding a larger sized fish especially parrot fish. A street march within the community will be done which will culminate with a puppet show. In addition a mural will be painted within the Orange Bay Square and receptacles will also be painted and placed at specific locations on the beach as well as along the road way. Another key feature will be that of the buying guide which is expected to allow the readers to understand the importance of parrot fish and what it means to allow the smaller ones to grow.

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