The Russia Environmental Ranger Summer Camp is one of several Summer Camps that is funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund under its Integrated Community Development Project. The Summer Camp begins on August 8 and continues to August 22, 2017 at the Negril Community Centre.  The overarching goal is to expose children and young adults to environmental concepts and phenomenon as well as to engender environmental stewardship and to equip them with requisite skills that will fit them for employment in the water sports and marine related careers. This Summer Programme will involve training in Swimming, Open Water Scuba Diving, Career Development Lectures, Environmental Lectures, and Glass bottom Boat Tour. Fish Identification & Sizing, Designing and Drawing of Community Environmental Mural will also be done.The information presented will be through a variety of mediums such as power point presentation and focused group sessions.  The Environmental Lectures will focus on the natural resources and ecosystems within the target community, their wise management as well as the issues affecting these resources. Specific Environmental Laws relating to the conservation of the resources within the community will also be presented. The Lectures will be further enhanced by one field trip to the Orange Bay Special Fishery Conservation Area.

It is anticipated that the participant’s knowledge of Environmental Management will be improved. They should be able to identify human induced impacts on the environment and key mitigation strategies or measures. Participants should be able to swim and scuba dive. The participants should also be more decided on the career path they want to take and also the necessary steps in ensuring their career goal is achieved. They should also be able to successfully start a small apiary and make a preserves, wine and biscuits and craft such a crochet.   They should also be able to identify key strategies in managing conflicts, improve their ethics and decorum. The HEART Trust will be engaged to provide the Career Development Seminars and Conflict Resolution. RADA Westmoreland will be engaged to provide the training in bee keeping as well as the Food Processing-Home Economics. Other key agencies and businesses that will be engaged are the National Commercial Bank, Child Development Agency and Probations Office, Couples and Sandals Foundation.


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