Donors and Partners

A number of  individuals and organizations have worked in cohort with NEPT in order for it to achieve its goal. A number of these individuals and organizations have done so by providing the monetary assistance NEPT needs to carryout tasks and maintain day to day operations.

Project Funding Information for the past six years

Projects Implemented In the Last Five  Years      
Project Name
From To Donor/Sponsor Organization  Budget J$  Budget US$

Improving Negril Marine Park Management Effectiveness Through Digital Media Communication




 NEPA,GEF,UNDP,GOJ  NEPT  700,000.00  7,692
Wetland Restoration Concept Note, Hydrological Assessment and Management Strategy Jan.2012 Apr.2012


NEPT 5,000,000 58,140
 Orange Bay Fish Sanctuary *  2011  present

 Ministry of


 Nept  3,700,000  48,023
 Co-Management of the Negril Marine Park *  2011  Present  NRCA\NEPA  NEPT\NCRPS  4,600,000  53,488
 Blue Flag Campaign  2005  2012  Revenue  NEPT  5,000,000  62,500
 Royal Palm Reserve  2001  2010  Various\Revenue  NEPT  20,000,000  307,692
 Management Programme of the Negril Great Morass for a Sustainable Negril EPA  2010  2011  EFJ  NEPT  1,290,000  15,000
 Reforestation of Upper Orange River Watershed  2007  2009  EFJ  NEPT  2,951,500  34,320
 Conservation & Mgmt of Species of the NRPR  2008  2011  GEFSGF\EFJ  NEPT  4,000,000  46,512
 IDB Cultural  Jul. 2008 Nov. 2008  IDB  NEPT  500,540 5,820
 Caribbean Regional Environment Programme Demonstration Project (CREP)**  2004  2007  EU\CARIFORUM  NEPT\NCRPS  17,703,048  295,051
 * Active Projects; ** Last Two Years      TOTAL  $59,745,088 $863,406



NEPT has historically worked collaboratively with many other partners (including but not exhaustive) to implement programmes in the Negril EPA:


  • Rural agriculture Development Agency (RADA)
  • Westmoreland Parish Council (WPC)
  • Hanover Parish Council (HPC)
  • Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ)
  • University of the West Indies (UWI)
  • College of Art, Science and Education (CASE)
  • Tourism Product Development Co. (TPDCo)
  •  Office of Disaster Planning and Environmental Management (ODPEM)
  • Clemson University
  • The Nature Conservancy


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